.​.​.​She Loves Me Not - DEMOS

by The Adorkables

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Before we actually went into the studio to record "...She Loves Me Not", we wanted to make sure that we had everything as organized and thought out as possible. That way we weren't just sitting there in the studio, wasting time and money, saying things like, "I always imagined this having a faster tempo.", or, "I wish I had time to think of a harmony here, but now we have to move on."

All of the new songs for the album were written within 6 months of being recorded. We had progressed as a band and decided it would be best to record demos for the songs we had questions about so we didn't walk out of the studio regretting not adding, or wanting to change something. That's what this demo album is. Us trying to figure out EXACTLY what we were going to do in the studio.

In the months leading up to our studio trip, we each sat down individually in Adam's parent's garage and laid down tracks. We didn't focus on getting every note perfect, just the basic forms and tempos of the songs. Afterall, we didn't expect anyone other than ourselves to ever hear these...

Then, once Adam mixed all of the songs and gave us copies we each studied them in our own ways and picked out things that we either wanted to change, or add to the final product. For Eric, this meant listening to the songs over and over (literally hundreds of times) and singing along, trying out different vocal harmonies. Likewise, Patrick played along to each song and perfected his solos and came up with a very memorable harmonica part he would spring on the rest of the band in the studio.

The biggest metamorphosis of a song from this point to the studio was "Not Missin' You". When we practiced it before the album, this is what came out. We could hear what worked and didn't work from this demo. Then, once we got to the studio, producer/engineer Andrew Berlin had us try a bunch of different things that worked really well for the song. The studio version is light years ahead of what you have here, as you can hear. We sound lost. We were.

*ALSO INCLUDED AS A BONUS TRACK WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ALBUM is the first appearance of a previously unreleased song called "Stalker" that we demo'd in preparation for the album. We did record a final version at The Blasting Room, but it has yet to be released...


released May 17, 2013

Eric (bass/vocals), Patrick (lead guitar), Chris (guitar), Adam (drums).



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The Adorkables Salinas, California

The Adorkables offer a fresh, unaffected take on a style of music which some say has become stagnant. Instead of merely attempting to imitate their predecessors, The Adorkables metabolize them, producing their own songs and remaining true to their own distinct style; and people seem to like it. ... more

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